WolfByte Games proudly presents:

Hangeki: Bamboozled Samurai

A Beat ‘Em Up but you can’t beat ‘em up!

A retired war veteran gets his humble house in the middle of the forest attacked by a furious ninja clan looking for revenge. Problem is, you retired your sword long ago and now you only have one arm and a bunch of bamboo to defend yourself.

Use your skills to parry attacks and push enemies into traps laid on the ground. Be patient, find good spots and throw then into spikes, hard trees, pitfires and deadly trapholes. Be careful to dispose of then fast, more are coming!

This is our entry for the GMTK 2018.

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned in our itch page for finished projects and upcoming ones.


W/A/S/D: Move.


SPACE: Dodge.

Team Members:

Eduardo Petrópolis: Art.

Gabriel Arthur Cabral: Coding

Gabriel Morgado: Art / Sound Design / Composer.

João Pedro Saiago: Art

Lucas Jean: Coding.

Pedro Henrique Carneiro: Coding / Composer.

Rafael Dias: Coding.

Victor Müller: Art.

Everybody: Game Design.

Special Thanks to:

The Internet.

Paulo Losse.

IEEE CEFET/RJ Student Branch.



Sakura Tree

Designed by Macrovector - Freepik.com

No Copyright Sound Effects

Designed by many authors - freesound.org

Mini Dizi - by Kong Audio


Scroll Image


Install instructions

Unzip and play the executable.


Hangeki_windows.rar 27 MB


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after the second fight I just die once I go off screen. it seems like there are some ninjas over there that I can't see. appropriate for ninjas, but bad for gameplay.

otherwise, it's a good concept.